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Plant Catalogue

To make it easier for our clients to choose their plants, we have created an indoor plant catalogue. In it, you will find all our plant varieties and sizes that are available from our suppliers. The selection includes both common plants which are easy to look after, as well as rare, exclusive plants. The catalogue is easy to navigate, which will help you to find what you are looking for: plants can be filtered by categories such as size, environmental needs, leaf texture and room location.

We deliver both popular and rare, difficult to look after plants to ensure that everyone can find what they are looking for. Bearing in mind that many people only know what they want their plant to look like, you can search by picture to find out its name, maintenance needs and other important information.

How to use the catalogue 
The plants in the catalogue are in alphabetical order, but they can be grouped according to various requirements. Whatever kind of plant is required—on the floor or a shelf, in a light or dark room—the most suitable plants will be easy to find using the right filter. Each contains a short description of the plant’s maintenance, size and general requirements.

After browsing the catalogue and selecting their plants, clients can create a wish list to send us via the contact form or email. Our specialist will contact you to determine the suitability, availability and delivery time of your chosen plants. Please bear in mind that creating or downloading a wish list does not mean you have made an order, so please contact us afterwards.

What if I can’t find what I need? 
If you are interested in a specific plant that cannot be found on our list, we recommend contacting us by email or phone, because, in collaboration with the largest indoor plant growers and delivery services in Europe, any plant variety our clients can dream of can be available in a short time. Hercs Flora receives an indoor plant shipment every week, so we can deliver regularly to our clients.

The catalogue is updated regularly with new products and varieties. If you think of any useful additions, we welcome recommendations!