For almost 10 years, the Hercs Dārzs specialist garden planning and greening team have been helping clients create a green, beautiful and harmonious environment in the outdoor areas of a business or institution, as well as for residential houses. Our team is able to provide a full-service outdoor greening service: planning; installing a lawn; planting trees, bushes and other plants; garden and outdoor space maintenance and other services.

Outdoor Landscaping

We can landscape an outdoor space in accordance with an already-developed plan based on the architect or engineer’s instructions and technical specifications. Our team of specialists has extensive experience and knowledge for landscaping different kinds of spaces; we have landscaped the Origo shopping centre, the Business Garden office complex, the Centrus Quarter, the Museum Storage Facility, and much more. 

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Garden Planning

The specialists at Hercs Dārzs have many years of experience and extensive knowledge of garden planning and installation. Our team includes experienced landscape architects and garden technicians who will help you create a garden which will look incredible today and flourish in the future. 

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Greenery Maintenance

We offer full-service plant maintenance: flower planting, creating tree canopies, clipping hedges, watering, weeding, fertilising and other necessary tasks for maintaining your plants. Depending on plant type and their volume in your space or garden, our specialists will offer the optimal garden maintenance options. 

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Lawn Installation

We offer full-service lawn installation services for homes, offices and apartment buildings, as well as public institutions. We offer the full cycle: soil preparation, seeding or laying turf, tamping, watering and lawn maintenance. 

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Garden Design

The Hercs Dārzs team includes certified garden designers, technicians and arborists who regularly supplement their knowledge and learn new skills to be able to offer you the latest solutions. Just like with interior design and fashion, garden design also develops and changes. New plants and garden design elements are constantly coming into our region, allowing us to implement unusual solutions. 

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Terrace Plants and Balcony Flowers

Balconies and terraces are small oases for city dwellers. Hercs Dārzs offers greening services for terraces and balconies. We provide plants and flowers both for business—office, hotel, restaurant, cafe—terraces, and the terraces and balconies of residential houses and apartments. In addition to designing terrace and balcony greening projects, we also plant and maintain them. 

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Why entrust outdoor greening to professionals

Long-term solutions

With our experience, knowledge and industry-specific education, we are able to recommend the most suitable solutions for each specific location. Shade, light, direct sunlight and other factors significantly impact which plants will be most suitable in a specific environment, both aesthetically and with regards to growth and maintenance needs. For example, the shade of a tree canopy can cool the walls of a building, meaning you can have a green environment by your office and save money on air conditioning. 


Our specialists will help develop solutions to create a harmonious environment. This will include plants that suit each other, flower at different times, keep their beauty for a long time, etc. It is also important to maintain a suitable distance between plants in anticipation of their growth and maintenance several years into the future. 

Maintaining and cultivating greenery

When planning outdoor greening, to ensure that the outdoor areas around your house, office, shop, terrace or public institution always looks faultless, it is important to also think about maintaining and cultivating your plants: how often they will need maintaining, will you need specialist equipment, will you or your own gardener be able to complete it. Our team includes specialists who, after a project is installed, offer professional, regular plant maintenance and cultivation. 

Experienced, recognised specialists 

The specialists at Hercs Dārzs have created many important city spaces, implementing outdoor greening projects both in Riga’s historic centre and in new projects such as the Magdalēna Quarter, the Centrus Quarter, the Business Garden office centre and Riga’s Station Square. Several of our projects have won awards from the Latvian Association of Landscape Architects. 

The biggest benefits of outdoor greening 

  • Value. Any territory, once landscaped, increases in value when selling or renting. 
  • Environment. A landscaped, green environment creates positive emotions for clients, employees and residents. 
  • Health. Trees, bushes and plants purify the air of dust, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase oxygen in the air. Therefore, the more trees, bushes and plants there are in a city, the cleaner the air becomes. 
  • Harmony. A green space improves quality of life. People who live in landscaped spaces have lower stress levels than people who live in spaces which have not been landscaped. 

Our team of specialists will help you with any plans you have regarding outdoor greening and landscaping, from garden design, planning and demonstrating various solutions to implementing them: fitting lawns, planting plants and, later, plant maintenance. Contact us to arrange a meeting with our specialists and explain your needs, ideas and aims. We will help you with everything by recommending the most suitable plants and solutions.