The specialists at Hercs Dārzs have many years of experience and extensive knowledge of garden planning and installation. Our team includes experienced landscape architects and garden technicians who will help you create a garden which will look incredible today and flourish in the future. 

Extensive garden planning and installation options 

Our specialists will help you reach the best result regardless of your property type, acreage, wishes and design vision. The extensive experience and knowledge of our specialists allows them to adapt to any garden style: modern, classical, Mediterranean, Japanese or other style gardens. Depending on your needs, our specialists will help find the best solutions to ensure that the chosen plants are suitable for our climate. 

We will create your new garden or garden improvement plan, and you can install it yourself or entrust it to a different company, otherwise our specialists will be happy to complete the whole project from A to Z. 

Garden improvement

Our specialists will be pleased to improve gardens which already contain a variety of plants. Even small improvements recommended by a professional can significantly update the overall look, style and atmosphere of a garden. 

Garden maintenance and cultivation

If necessary, we also provide regular garden maintenance services both in residential and public or commercial spaces. 

Garden design and planning with a view to the future

A crucial aspect of garden design and planning is a view to the future, as many plants (trees, bushes, etc.) reach their optimum visual appearance and size several years later. It is also important to take into account the garden owner’s garden maintenance abilities.

A significant aspect of garden planning is not just the client’s wishes, but also other factors such as sun and shade, existing plants, soil and others, as sometimes the plants that a client likes need shade, but the client’s garden has no shade during the hottest part of the day. 

When creating a garden plan, our specialists use the client’s wishes as well as budget as guidelines. 

Extensive experience in garden planning and installation 

Our garden plans are created by our team’s landscape architects, and for some projects we collaborate with other landscape architects who are among Latvia’s best. Our business partners also include the largest construction companies, with whose involvement we create particularly large or complicated garden projects. 

If you want a garden that will spark joy in any season, entrust your garden planning to the professionals. Hercs Dārzs’ experienced garden technicians and landscape architects will help you to create a beautiful, functional garden whose beauty will grow and blossom alongside its plants. Contact us to find out more about the garden planning services we offer and schedule a meeting. 


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