We offer full-service lawn installation services for homes, offices and apartment buildings, as well as public institutions. We offer the full cycle: soil preparation, seeding or laying turf, tamping, watering and lawn maintenance. 

A lawn is one of the most important elements of a garden or outdoor space, and it gives a fresh, maintained appearance. Although it may seem that installing a lawn is completely simple, it nevertheless requires best practices to be adhered to, as well as patience, because unlike when planting flowers, trees, bushes and other plants, the results of a lawn installation will only be visible in around two to four weeks. 

Best practice for lawn installation

Lawn installation

To ensure that a lawn looks great, the area to be seeded must be level and the soil must be suitable for seeding. For the best results, we can always improve the soil and level the area. 

Depending on the location of your lawn, you may have to think about watering it in the summer. Lawns can often dry out in long periods of dryness and heat, and they will then need time to recover. 

To avoid this, when installing a lawn we can also install a watering system which can help water not just the lawn, but also trees, bushes, flowers and other plants. We can install both automatic and manual watering systems. 

Lawn maintenance

Depending on the weather, air temperature and seed type, you will be able to see the results of a lawn installation in two to four weeks. After installation, your lawn must be regularly maintained and watered. 

Seeding should preferably not take place during hot, dry summer periods, as this will delay and worsen the results. 

Bear in mind that you should start mowing a new lawn no sooner than a month after seeding. To maintain its perfect look during the summer, it should be mowed at least once per week during the summer. Lawns should also be fertilised to ensure a brighter, healthier colour, thicker, more powerful growth, and fewer weeds. 

Lawn aeration

As the lawn grows and the soil structure changes, it may start receiving less oxygen and begin withering. To reduce this, you must aerate your lawn. With the help of special equipment, many small holes are created in the lawn which enable the lawn to take in additional oxygen, nutrients and water. You will see the best results from aeration if you use this lawn improvement method during the spring or autumn. 

Our team of specialists will do all the work so that you can enjoy a high-quality, beautiful and long-lasting lawn at your home, business or public space. Contact our specialists to gain more information on installing and maintaining a lawn, as well as to receive a quote and time frame.  


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