A free-standing wall is a moveable, self-circulating system which does not require a water source and which can be easily moved when and where you want. The structure has its own lighting, the client’s choice of plants and a watering system. It is completely mobile and is automatically programmed to provide the processes the plants need, with watering adapted to the conditions in the room. 

We are living at risk of the effects of pollution, and indoor greenery is more important than ever before. Biophilic interiors have become the standard for a high quality of life, so new green wall solutions which are more convenient for clients are constantly being developed.  Free-standing walls are the most innovative green wall methods to date; they function fully autonomously and do not need a water source or drainage. 

The benefits of a free-standing green wall 

Unlike a built-in system, this kind of green wall takes up little space, and it can be freely moved within the room. The system has wheels which allow it to be pushed whenever and wherever you wish. It does not need adapting to specific lighting conditions, as free-standing green walls include a special light source for the plants. 

Free-standing walls can be used not just as decoration, but also as a functional element. We offer both one-sided and two-sided systems which can function as dividing walls between zones or workspaces. The standard size for these structures is 112 cm wide and 215 cm tall, but this can be adapted to clients’ wishes, taking into account ceiling height and wall width. The colour of the base can also be changed from the standard black, grey or white. 

Reviews from our clients show that a living plant wall is always a positive surprise for visitors, and employees also appreciate the presence of plants. Indoor plants improve mental health and physical well-being, health and mood. Plants absorb harmful chemicals present indoors, create extra oxygen and humidify the air. The walls are also effective sound dampeners, as the plants’ porous form is a great sound absorber. 

Hercs Flora’s 25 years’ experience allows us to create high-quality, sustainable products with guaranteed long-lasting plants. Our team not only has knowledgeable technicians, but also experienced plant specialists who know the individual attributes of every plant and are able to find the best solution for the client’s needs.


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