If, for any reason, you do not wish to purchase plants, Hercs Flora offers plants for hire! Depending on the length of the project, we offer both long-term rentals with a contract for a year or two, and short-term rentals for events, presentations and exhibitions. 

Long-term plant hire 

This option is most often used by businesses working on limited contracts, new companies, or businesses who do not wish to purchase unnecessary items. Long-term rental allows our clients to manage their resources much more freely. In an emergency, they can get rid of their plants quickly without wondering what to do if an office is closed or moved. And if the interior design changes or premises are expanded, it is easy to increase the amount of plants or choose new ones which match the design. The minimum term for a long-term rental is six months. 

Why add greenery indoors? 

The presence of plants is important not just for the existence of humans and natural processes, but also because they bring added aesthetic and practical value. This means that natural elements will not only be a high-quality addition to the interior of your project or business, but will also purify the air, improve employee and client well-being and bring a range of other benefits.

Plant hire as a solution to interior greening needs is particularly suitable for when you want plants around, but are not certain if you want to purchase them. Rental is a great way of gaining an aesthetic and green environment with no obligations! 

What does our rental service involve?

If you are planning on renting plants, our designer will visit you to recommend varieties and a layout which will suit your interior and wishes. 

Throughout the service period, just like with a maintenance agreement for purchased plants, you will receive full service: regular maintenance and replacement of damaged plants. Once a week, our specialist will come and look after the plants: watering, fertilising, cleaning and repotting, so that you can simply enjoy your natural, green environment. 

Short-term plant hire

Green plants will make any event more vibrant, whether an exhibition, presentation, celebration or any other significant occasion. Indoor plants will enhance the surrounding beautifully and make any visitor feel welcome. The Hercs Flora warehouse always has a large number of differently-sized live and artificial plants which we are happy to offer for short-term hire. Plants are available for various periods from a few hours up to two weeks. 

Depending on the theme of the room—jungle or beach party, rainforest or simply a conference hall—our specialists will find the most suitable plants, deliver them, arrange them and return them to our warehouse after the event. You will therefore be free of any worries regarding plants during your important event.  

Our experience shows that the most popular rental plants are palms, dracaena, ficus, lyrata and strelitzia plants—they are sure to make any event more vibrant!  

One event or a two-year plan: we offer short or long-term plant hire for all your needs. Find out more by contacting our team! 


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