Plants are a significant part of today’s interiors. Architects and designers plan the presence of plants just as carefully and they select furniture, decoration and lighting. A biophilic lifestyle and the presence of nature indoors makes our everyday life more vibrant and sharpens our mind. Plants fulfil both an aesthetic and functional role, and they allow the design to be more varied and practical. 

How can plants be successfully integrated into interiors?

Natural finishes, energy-saving electronics and plants are crucial elements of any modern interior. In the 21st century, living nature indoors is no longer considered merely decoration, but a lifestyle element. For example, it makes hotel guests feel more welcome, helps office employees be more productive, and helps one live in a cleaner home environment. 

Hercs Flora collaborates with the world’s leading producers, so we can offer clients a variety of products based on price and design. Based on the client or designer’s requirements, our team can find and offer the best solution. 

Basics of plant choice

Thanks to the many plant varieties and our wide selection, plants can be integrated into any interior style, making it vibrant and rich or minimalist and ascetic. 

For example, a rich interior suits a classic Palma Areca, while a more minimalist interior calls for Agave or Aspidistra. Office spaces can be enhanced by Dracaena and Spathiphyllum, which are also easy to maintain. 

The mood of a room can be created by using different leaf textures: the soft leaves of the Aspidistra have a calming effect and are a great background for other interior elements, while the woody stem and small, bright leaves of the Dracaena Jamaica make it the focus of a room. 

How do we begin? 

First, Hercs Flora’s plant designer will visit you to evaluate the environmental conditions in your premises and find out the general guidelines. Afterwards, we will offer plant pots which suit your interior and plants which are most suited to the light, humidity and layout of the room. Like with other interior elements, the fashion in indoor plants changes, but their positive impact on people’s health and mental state remains unchanged for all plants. 

To enable you to come to the most suitable solution for your interiors, we invite you to contact Hercs Flora’s specialists. We will recommend the best way to refresh your interior design using a method with the highest returns on your employee and client well-being. 


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